Six Ways to Control Anger

I’m frustrated with human relationships, Mukamika. The feelings of anger are commonplace. It’s not bad for getting angry, but just getting angry makes the mind go negative. Here are six ways to control anger .

01. Leave the place

If you feel anger, you can just heat up and blame your opponent. First of all, getting rid of yourself from that situation is a shortcut to regaining calmness .

Dianna Geddes, a professor at Temple University Fox Business School, recommends that:

“I am angry at OO (I feel angry). Please wait for a while as my head gets cold. It is important to get rid of this situation, so let’s talk when it comes back” ( Quoted from ” BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN “)

I ‘m also hesitant to say, but it’s much more efficient than hitting it violently . While you’re away, you’ll be able to cool down and talk to the other person based on the facts of your anger.

02. Do not think about the problem for a while

Emma Seppala of Stanford University explains that the problem with anger is that it makes it difficult to make a logical decision, as the brain’s emotional center is lit up.

In other words, it is necessary to settle down for the time being. In order to judge things accurately, you have to make sure that your emotions do not move.

“Deep breathing, walking, making funny movies by watching funny movies, meditation, exercise, prayer-anything that can help restore the ability to see calmness and things calmly” ( quoted from ” BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN “)

What SEPPLA recommends is to use a tool to get yourself restless . The breathing method is one of them. We are not running away, but let’s get calm first to face the problem.

03. Avoid escalating anger by avoiding “absolute” and “always”

If you are frustrated, your emotions tend to accelerate, and things that you don’t like swell with your head. The American Psychological Association also points out that anger tends to be exaggerated or overly dramatic .

For example , if you are angry, you will often exaggerate and think that something will definitely go wrong or “always fail” , the Psychological Association points out. This is almost certainly not true . “Consistently” I hate people and “always” never go wrong. ( Quoted from ” BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN “)

When your heart is full of anger, you feel like you are the victim and everything around you seems to be the worst.

“The anger I felt now” will not disappear soon, but it should not be all useless. If you can change your point of view and re-evaluate your anger, it will help to control the height of your emotions.

04. Understand that you do not know what the other party did
” Most people don’t act with malicious intent, but many of us make mistakes and inadvertently hurt or anger others” (from ” BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN ” Quote)

I feel that people have been hurt, and I hate that I didn’t move as I thought. It is a feeling that only oneself can feel, and the other person does not mean to act with anger.

If you think so, the feeling of criticizing the other party prank also calms down. If you wanted to do, or wanted to do to the other party . Instead of getting frustrated, it may be possible to develop more constructive communication.

05. Don’t blame the other person, talk about your frustration
The best way is four to express anger at human relations likely it there for.

1) Be positive , 2) Don’t blame the other , 3) Use “I statement (a technique that speaks only to me as a subject )” 4) Your things Discuss your perspectives and needs . ( Quoted from ” BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN “)

It is important to have the other party receive it first. Everything is to keep calming emotions, as it does not continue to hold up. You should have a clue to the solution by talking about anger properly.

06. Try to understand the other person
According to Separa, when people are angry, they are incredibly self-centered .

In other words, say that the other party is mostly out of mosquito nets. It may be a really funny story to say that it is possible to solve it alone even though it is the feeling of anger that was born when there was a partner.

“If you can afford to accept the other party’s view, and immediately ask the other party“ Why? ”Instead of assuming the worst, true communication will begin ” (“ BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN Quote from “)

The attitude of asking the other party why it’s the reason before finding the other party’s mistake gives birth to real communication, says Separa.

If you say offensive feelings, you may feel painful about the clash of emotions with the other party. But from there, it may be possible to build a better relationship than now .

The emotions of anger are something that you don’t want to swallow as much as you can. Let’s keep in control without getting frustrated, remembering six methods.

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