Effective anger management

It is often the case that when anger is dense, the anger can not be expressed at will. In addition, some people tolerate negative emotions such as anger or anxiety due to their nature. However, if you do not express these negative feelings, your pulse will be accelerated, which can harm your health. Frequent pulsing increases blood pressure and can lead to hypertension because it can cause cardiovascular disease, kidney damage and even cancer. Therefore, it is important to know how to control anger.
? If you build up anger, it can cause disorders of control and various diseases

Anger is a feeling of psychological pain, bitterness. If anger is expressed as anger, it seems to be strengthening at that moment and it seems to be able to control the pain, but the more anger is expressed, the bigger it becomes. For example, at first, a person throws a thing at a sound or hits a person, and then reaches a situation where he can not control himself. The more the expression is repeated, the weaker the function of the frontal lobe that controls the anger, and the less easily stimulate it. It can be a disease if you tolerate anger. If the painter builds up, the control function of the frontal lobe is weakened and the impulse can not be controlled properly as it is repeatedly displayed. Thus, the brain function is weakened and the brain cells in the area that controls memory and emotion are broken or the brain is shrunken. If the sympathetic nervous system causes a strong excitement reaction due to the buildup, the heart rate is accelerated and the blood pressure is increased. Higher blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular disease and can also cause cancer by stimulating cancer cells.

? When you are angry,

So what are some ways to control anger? Writing your feelings when you are upset will help you manage your feelings. Character is objectification of emotion, so you can see your feelings objectively, and it is effective to control momentary anger. In addition, it is good to take a walk for about 30 minutes in the time of the squabbling. It is because the secretion of serotonin which improves the mood is increased when sunshine. If you are angry enough to cry, it is also effective to cry out loud. Because tears can release catecholamines and stabilize the mind. There are also gym exercises to help when you get angry. First of all, it is the action to push the arm on both sides facing the palm or the thumb. Both hands stretch forward, facing the palm or thumb, folding the wrist outward, then slowly spreading it while breathing. Then I breathe out slowly and slowly again. This can be done three times. It is also good to concentrate your mind on belly, close your eyes, breathe in, blow your mouth long and take a deep breath to stabilize your mind.

? If it is difficult to solve it yourself,

In addition, there are many ways to control anger, so it is important to know and practice how to manage your own anger. Let’s practice the emotions. The angry chimi can control his emotions at that moment and can keep his health as well as his relationship. It is also effective to get help from the family and people around you if you are suffering from symptoms that can not be resolved by your own self. It is also a good idea to go to a specialist for counseling or cognitive treatment. Depression or anger-control disorder due to anger is never a mild disease. Therefore, if you have severe symptoms, do not neglect it, it is better to ask the hospital. When you visit a hospital, you can get psychiatric medication such as antidepressants or anxiolytics depending on the severity of the symptoms.

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