Control anger: 6 simple techniques

Anger can cause both psychological and biological changes, as it increases blood pressure, hormone production and speeds up breathing. It is fundamental to learn how to control it.

Everybody gets angry every now and then, and that’s normal. But if your episodes of anger are repeated regularly, this can become a problem . That’s why we invite you here to discover how to control anger.

Anger can hurt a lot, not just the person to whom it is directed, but the person who gets angry. Several studies indicate that anger increases the chances of suffering from certain heart diseases , especially among men.

It also causes stress, digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, gastritis … It is therefore vital to learn to control his episodes of anger to take care of his health.

Anger is an emotion that is more or less intense depending on the state in which the person who expresses it is. It can be born in the form of a simple annoyance or akin to a real fury.

It can be accompanied by changes, psychological or biological: it increases blood pressure, the production of certain hormones (such as adrenaline or cortisol) and breathing.

The instinctive and natural way in which we express our anger is aggression. We scream, we break things, we hit.

The American Association of Psychology states that anger is a response to an external threat, which forces us to fight to defend ourselves.

However, if a little bit of anger is necessary for our survival in a hostile world, we must not sink into extremes that can damage our health.

1. Control anger: relaxation exercises
Therapies or relaxation methods can do wonders : they help to reduce anger and eliminate the thoughts that give rise to this emotion . You can do this by doing meditation , yoga or tai chi, for example.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply through your nose, and try to think of nothing. You think it’s difficult? At least try to set up this little trick.

2. Controlling anger: sports activities

Physical exercise helps us to eliminate anger in a natural way .

If you are not very athletic, do not worry, a simple activity can also help you relieve your tensions and enjoy the moment.

You can practice boxing or the martial art of your choice (judo, taekwondo, kickboxing) for example, or simply ride a bike or even walk . This will allow you to calm down and avoid angry outbursts.

If you realize that your anger is starting to overflow, get out there. If you find yourself in a gym, focus your energies on the things that annoy you (think of the person or situation that woke up this condition)

3. Control anger: identify the source
An excellent way to eliminate the excesses of anger is to confront them. We must look within ourselves for what causes our rage and our reaction.

You may not have realized that you feel bad because of a particular small thing, or that you need to talk to your therapist or the person who generates these feelings at home.

You must focus on your thoughts and keep in mind that any problem has a solution.

If the situation is out of your control, do not continue to get upset because it is not worth it. On the other hand, if you can do something, take action.

Make an appointment with a psychologist if you think you can not fight your anger alone.

He will know how to help you through different techniques. Talking about one’s situation frees up a lot of tensions.

4. Controlling anger: rationalizing the situation
When anger begins to dominate you, you can not think lucidly anymore. But each problem has a solution.

In the first place, you should avoid saying the words “never” and “always” . If you use them, you will justify your anger, and you will not be able to find the solution you are looking for.

Change the “I’m always late gets me upset” or the “I can never be serene with so much traffic jam” in “I’ll do my best to calm myself the next time I’m late, or that I will remain stuck in the traffic jams.

5. Control anger: improve your communication

We get angry when we feel frustrated . If we talk about it several times with the person concerned, and things do not happen as we would have liked, it is not always the fault of the other person. Maybe you just can not explain what you want.

Listen carefully to what you say. Ask your interlocutor if he understands the meaning of your words. Answer all his doubts until the situation is perfectly clear. This will save you many problems.

6. Controlling anger: taking a vacation
If you can not take a vacation, go on a weekend in a place you do not know. Get out of your routine! Take a moment to think about what you want and how to calm your frustration.

Try to disconnect yourself from all the things that annoy you (such as road traffic, work, etc.). Think positively , enjoy contact with nature, take a deep breath, smell a flower and laugh a little more.

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