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Welcome to Ceble (https://www.ceble.pw). This is where we publish information on various topics, especially Business Guides, Automobile, Technology News, Education, Scholarship.


My Business Update (https://www.ceble.pw) aimed at helping Nigerians get relevant and valuable information they need from the web on any topic most especially Business Guides On How To Make Money Online Legitimately.

We created this blog to serve as an rich information hub for Nigerian Citizens and friends of Nigeria.

Here we publish several helpful articles in various categories, such as how-to articles, where to find things, resources based articles,, business, interviews and reviews.

Our Mission

We hope to become the internet’s most trusted source of information about Nigeria and everything related to Nigeria and how to make your business grow anytime anywhere in the world. We hope to become the most relevant Nigerian website to Nigerians finding information on the web. In short, our goal is to become the “Wikipedia” for information regarding Nigeria.

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Our Focus

My Business Update (https://www.ceble.pw) focuses on providing information about making money online legitimately in and outside Nigeria  and growing your Business for maximum profit in Nigeria and abroad, profitable business updates available for everyone in Nigeria.

Lastly, useful information and pieces of advice will be provided from time to time to everyone into business on how to prosper in their business, how to make the best out of their business, get maximum return in their business. This information will be sourced from successful people and business professionals.