10 ways to blow away the anger

Anger is a natural mechanism of psychology for each person and sometimes this emotion helps to reflect the inner state, helping us to better understand ourselves. However, controlling anger is an issue that everyone needs to learn in this life.

It can be seen that not knowing how to control anger is the cause of stress and problems with colleagues, relatives, friends, society and even yourself. Learn ways to control anger.

1. Write down why you are angry and destroy them

Write down in detail, each reason why you must be angry and frustrated. This can relieve a large amount of stress from your body.

Pay attention to the small things that make you uncomfortable and describe them as detailed as possible. Leave your mind free to think about these issues. After that, you can throw the list away or even better destroy it.

2. Receive love from people around you

Something as simple as a hug can help you manage anger effectively because hugging action will increase the concentration of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that relieves stress and discomfort. It will make you happier and more relaxed regardless of the situation at that time.

3. Chew gum 

Chewing gum proved by science can help you overcome the discomfort and frustration with those around you. That’s because when you actively move your jaw, the muscles on your face and body will gradually relieve stress.

So be prepared with gum to miss that bad day, you will have “savior”. You will realize the effectiveness of this way.

4. Walk or run

You need to have physical exercises in this form or in another form. Running for 1km, walking for about 20 minutes, or sniffing, each of these activities helps your brain produce endorphins, or happy hormones, burn energy, can release anger or frustration. in your mind.

5. Sing your favorite song

It sounds surprising, but singing is really a great way to reduce stress and anger. Turn on your favorite song when you’re feeling extremely bad, or go somewhere quiet and enjoy the song with as much power as possible. This can relieve stress from the muscles and leave you with a more pleasant mood.

6. Eat crunchy food

Of course you should not eat too much, if you do not want to heal later but snack on something crunchy when you are feeling especially angry. People like to listen to the crisp sound of crunchy food, so it makes you significantly less stressful.

7. Blow your thumb 

If you feel your heart is “racing” because of your anger and frustration, blow at your thumb. It sounds funny, but your thumb has its own circuit and by blowing it in, it can reduce your pulse, slow your heart rate.

8. Do housework

You may find this idea inappropriate, but doing chores that don’t need to be thoughtful or repeated will really calm you.

Do things on the house list that need to be done, take care of your pets, rearrange your wardrobe and you will be surprised when you can quickly feel comfortable and relaxed.

9. Stand by the green tree

Consider standing near a tree within 10 minutes when angry. This will help fill the brain with the oxygen needed.

You will think more clearly and thoroughly so that there will be time to let go of anger. Moreover, you can use jasmine or lavender scent to spread the fragrance to reduce anxiety and sleep better.

10. Timer to deal with anger

The easiest and perhaps fastest way to manage your anger can be as simple as a timer. When you realize how much time you have to be angry before the next mission.

You consider your anger to be negligible and look at the clock, then limit the time to allow yourself to be angry. After this time, you are not angry anymore and continue to do the rest of the day.

You will find that you can do more wonderful things than just be angry. Controlling anger is an essential life skill that anyone must cultivate for himself.

“Too much anger”, this old man’s words were never wrong and what you need to do right now is to learn how to control anger.

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